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The Annual Meeting of the OKI Regional Conservation Council gives you a chance to increase your knowledge of conservation matters and get better acquainted with other people who care about our region’s natural resources.  Time is allowed for networking and camaraderie.  After everyone there introduces themselves to the rest of the audience, the meeting launches into an educational program on compelling conservation topics of the day.  Meeting brochures with presentation slides provide printed materials to take home with you.  Attendance has grown to nearly 100 people lately and simultaneous break-out sessions first appeared on the program agenda in 2016.

Normally, the Annual Meeting occurs in late March or early April.  Annual Meeting venues have included the Cincinnati Nature Center in Clermont County, the Campbell County Cooperative Extension Office in Highland Heights, the OKI Regional Council of Governments board room in Cincinnati, Sharon Centre at Sharon Woods in Hamilton County, and Fernald Preserve Visitors Center in Hamilton County.  The yearly reunion with other partners in conservation is a subtle Annual Meeting reward.


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Annual Meeting 2024

2024 Annual Meeting Program and Agenda

Annual Meeting 2023

2023 Annual Meeting Program and Business Agenda


Composting and Rain barrel projects in Campbell County 

ORB Restoration Plan

East Fork Watershed Cooperative

Stormwater Management, Land Preservation, and Stream Restoration in Gunpowder Creek, Boone County, KY

OKI Update

Annual Meeting 2019

2019 Annual Meeting Program and Business Agenda, 4-23-19


Urban Forests & Stormwater Management

Flood control and Water Management in Corps of Engineers Reservoirs

Williamsburg Low-Head Dam Removal Project

Rain Garden Maintenance

Clermont County Rain Garden Demonstration and Education Project

Leveraging Clean Water Act Compliance for Community Benefits

Minimizing Stormwater Runoff Impacts through Targeted Flow Thresholds

OKI Preview of 2020 Environmental Consultations

Riverside Drive Hillside Stabilization

City of Cincinnati Columbia Parkway Update

Annual Meeting 2018

2018 Annual Meeting Program and Business Agenda, 4-17-18


How Mitigation Banks and ILF Programs can Help Conservation, TNC, Devin Schenk

Soil and Water Management in the Face of Changing Weather Patterns, OSU, Aaron B. Wilson

Update on the Asian Longhorn Beetle Eradication Effort in Clermont County, USDA-APHIS, Phil Baldauf

Natural Areas Management and Habitat Restoration, Davey Resource Group, Dave Goerig

GIS Research on Honeysuckle Removal, NKU, Dr. Hongmei Wang

Protecting Ohio’s Water Quality with the Water Resource Restoration Sponsor Program, Ohio EPA, Steve Malone

Ohio River Basin Fish Habitat Partnership, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Donovan Henry

Ohio Resources, Ohio DNR, Pat Migliozzi

Banklick Watershed Forest Management, Banklick Watershed Council, Sherry Carran

Turner Farm Community Garden Program, Director, Peter Huttinger

Environmental Drone Projects in Northern Kentucky, PDS, Ryan Hermann

Annual Meeting 2017

2017 Annual Meeting Program and Business Agenda, 4-4-17


Caring for Our Watersheds


Regional Results of Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring in 2016, by Dr. Michael C. Miller

State of the Ohio River – OKI 2017 annual meeting

Ohio River Basin Water Quality Trading Project

WAVE Foundation at Newport Aquarium: Excite, Engage and Educate

Precision Farming 2017 04 02

Updates for Butler SWCD

Annual Meeting 2016

2016 Annual Meeting Program, 2-17-16

2016 Annual Meeting Business Agenda, 2-17-16.docx


Welcome from Great Parks of Hamilton County

Ohio River 2015 Harmful Algal Bloom

Cardinal Land Conservancy- Stepping up Land Preservation in Southwest Ohio

A Case Study on Landslides

The Willow Run Watershed Success Story

The New World at ODA- Transition Assistance and Opportunities Barreling through with the Conservation Message

Annual Tour 2015

2015 Annual Tour Agenda

Annual Meeting 2015

2015 Annual Meeting Program and Business Agenda, 3-23-15


A Welcome from Cincinnati Nature Center

Timber Harvesting

Pollinator Plantings

Parking Lot Design Improvements

Forming A Regional Land Trust

Addressing Water Quality in the East Fork Watershed

Urban Agriculture

Annual Tour 2014

2014 Annual Tour Agenda

Annual Meeting 2014

2014 Annual Meeting Program and Business Agenda, 3-10-14


Farm Bill Overview, with Emphasis on Conservation

Efforts to Eradicate the Asian Longhorned Beetle

Agricultural Pollution Abatement Programs in Ohio

Agricultural Pollution Abatement Programs in Kentucky

Whitewater River Watershed Project History

Water Quality Credit Trading Program Intro

Taking Root Two Million More Trees for the Tri-State

Save Local Waters The Regional Stormwater Collaborative Gains Momentum

Annual Tour 2013

2013 Annual Tour Agenda

Annual Meeting 2013

2013 Annual Meeting Program and Business Agenda


Save Local Waters

Agricultural Cover Crops

Water Quality Credit Trading

Urban Garden Soil Fertility with Help from Cover Crops

Trends in Erosion and Sediment Control

Annual Tour 2012

2012 Annual Tour Agenda

Annual Tour 2011

2011 Annual Tour Agenda